As the vegan trend slowly increases, the use of natural products has been popular to the youngster as a new way to be healthy. This may include the use of CBD as a source of unwinding without experiencing being high. Here are some Vegan CBD products you can choose for the start of 2019.

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Holy Cacao Hemp Butter

It is a jar of raw and organic treat that has a chocolaty, gooey vegan treat, just right for the holiday season. It can be used as a smoothie, or eat straight from the container. The rich, sweet taste of the Holy Cacao Hemp butter can give the family a treat with 7 mg of CBD per serving.

Sträva Craft Coffee

The Sträva CBD-infused coffee is not only enjoying a sip but it is a whole different level. It will give a better boost in groggy mornings, especially during working days.

Charlotte’s Web Hemp Infused Cream

The changing of the season also means the change of temperature. During this sudden difference, skin problems may arise.  Cold weather may develop dry skin which is why the CBD products present the hemp-infused topical cream. It gives a healthy dose of shea butter and a 300 mg infused hemp extract each ounce to relief skin from a stressful season.

Premium Jane CBD Gummy Bears

As sweet as Jane the sweet gelatin-free premium Jane CBD Gummy bears give you the easiest access for treats. It takes out the stress of shopping, socializing, cooking and other activities you have throughout the day.

Lulu’s CBD Chocolate

If you’re fond of chocolates so much and get some benefits while you are at it then the Lulu’s CBD Chocolate can help satisfy that craving. Infused with cannabidiol it gives a calming effect with a treat. It is also considered to be one of the top 14 CBD products of 2018 by New York Magazine. It comes with two different sizes and all-vegan raw for you to enjoy.

Milk Makeup Kush Mascara

CBD merchandise not only made its way to skin care and treats but also in the field of Makeups. The Milk Make up kush mascara gives bold and beautiful lashes while protecting your eyelashes from harsh chemicals. Being beautiful doesn’t have to hurt in the process and with the CBD infused mascara, it can heal it in the process.

Homemade Betty Organic Hemp CBD Balm

During the winter season, the harsh coldness and extreme drop of the temperatures affect the skin that it may even damage it. Along with sore muscles, the Homemade Betty Organic Hemp CBD Balm can help relieve the pain and increase the recovery of healing.  

Serpent Spiral Lavender Galaxi CBD Bath Bomb

There’s nothing that can beat the luxurious warm bath after a long tiring day. If you haven’t tried bath bombs before them the Serpent Spiral Lavender Galaxy CBD Bath bomb may just be a life-changer. CBD infused goes well with other oil-based components which the lavender essential oils help reduce stress and aid in sleep. Enjoy a warm, stress relieve and relaxing bath with this product.

Despite the low dosage of THC in CBD, the use and purchase of the products may not be available in your state. Although, there are some exemptions of the CBD infused products as safe due to its very low amount of THC which will not cause a person to be stoned or have the munchies. Keep in mind that the CBD only help relieve symptoms but doesn’t cure certain medical conditions.